Spy Software for Mobile Phones

Ever felt the need to look deeper into the online activity of someone close to you? Perhaps you are a worried parent who is not sure of what your child is looking at or wish to know what your child is up to so that you can catch them early to stop any viewing patterns which might be disturbing.

There is now spy apps for android phone for download online which allow easy monitoring and tracking of online activities from WhatsApp messages, Facebook interactions, Calendar, Contacts and even GPS. This allows you to spy in detail on someone – who he/she is talking to, where he/she is and even what are his/her plans for the rest of the calendar year. The spywares these days promise secret spying without detection which would betray trust if that ever happened.


How to Start the Process?

First off, go online to look for reputable and easily accessible spy software for your phone. Spyware these days offer a free trial of a week, only charging you if you like what you see during your trial. Next, you will have to download the spy software onto the phone, tablet or computer of the person you would like to spy on. Check the necessary system requirements for software download as well to ensure compatibility. Lastly, install the same software onto your monitoring device – be it your mobile phone or your laptop and start monitoring in your own time, on the go or at home.


What Can You track?

Text messages and calls: spywares in the market now allow the recording of outgoing and incoming calls. A handy Short Messaging Service (SMS) tracker also allows for easy tracking of all texts and messages sent and received by the person. Picture files sent to the person will also be pulled into your online account for viewing.

Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp: With society moving to online messaging apps to connect with people around them, this feature allows you to monitor most of a person’s communication on popular messaging channels. Photo, video and audio files exchanged via these mediums can also be saved in your online account for viewing.

Global Positioning System (GPS): The GPS tracker will show you where the tracked individual is at any given time. The android phone tracker tracks location with Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS to determine location of the device.

SIM Card Replacement: A notice is triggered if the device’s SIM card is removed. Tracking remains unaffected throughout.


Tracking for Laptop

Free Spy Software for Android

These features are not only limited to phone usage as mentioned earlier in the article. Trackers in computers are a common way to monitor desktop activity by employers during work hours or by parents to monitor online activity of their children while they are at work.


Browser History; A cache of all browsed sites and documents can be downloaded, along with a timestamp against it.

Apps and Computer Use: This allows monitoring from the time the computer is in use on what apps or games have been opened and for how long.

Search Request: This function allows for a comprehensive report of all search history across Google, Bing and Yahoo, easily accessed through the online account.

Skype Messages and Calls: With this function, you can read Skype text messages and listen to Skype calls, with an easy view of the time of conversations as well as the names of contacts.


To sum up, spy software usage is not a tedious affair only for the technologically savvy. Easy installation guides are online and allows convenient monitoring of online activities on your end, all free!